General Terms and Conditions

This version of the General Terms and Conditions is a machine translation and not a legally binding version of the original German text. It is intended only as information to our guests .  >>

These General Terms and Conditions regulate the rights and obligations of the service provider VR Tours GmbH (company register number: 539288x) (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”) and the customers purchasing and/or using these services (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”), the legal enforcement in the event of disregard of these rights and obligations by one of the parties and the undisturbed operation of the service. By offering or using the service, the Customer who uses the service accepts these General Terms and Conditions in full and confirms compliance with them in writing.

1 Purpose of the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) The GTC regulate the general contractual conditions, the rights and obligations arising from the use of the service provider’s services, as well as the information on matters of importance to the customer.

2 Publication, validity and accessibility of the GTC The Service Provider undertakes to ensure that the General Terms and Conditions inform the Customer of the provisions directly affecting him.

2.1 The date of publication of these GTC on the website is January 1, 2024

2.2 These GTC shall be valid for an indefinite period and shall apply to contracts concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer after January 1, 2024 and/or used by the Customer after this date.

2.3 During their period of validity, the GTC can be downloaded at any time from and can be viewed in printed form at the Service Provider’s business premises (Johannesgasse 21, 1010 Vienna) during business hours.

3 Conclusion of the contract These GTC apply to every natural person who uses the services of the service provider VR Tours GmbH by purchasing or redeeming a ticket. With the conclusion of the contract, the GTC are automatically considered as accepted, and consequently the rights and obligations provided are qualified as binding for both parties. If the customer does not consider the provisions of these GTC to be binding on him, the service provider is entitled to refuse to provide the service and at the same time to refund the customer the purchase price of the ticket purchased. An exception to this last-mentioned reimbursement is made if the customer expresses his disagreement after the end of the use of the service.

4. The scope of the service The service provider offers the customer a virtual reality experience in connection with a city tour with the main purpose of entertainment. Consequently, the experience is on a historical theme; entertainment and experience mediation are the main focus, not the real depiction of historical events. Although the service provider has endeavored to be as historically accurate as possible, certain scenes do not fully cover reality in order to provide the customer with a better experience. Consequently, we are unable to investigate complaints regarding historical accuracy. The service can be used by anyone at their own risk. The scenes demonstrated during the city tour, which show virtual reality, contain sound and visual effects that may cause viewers to become agitated or in unfamiliar states of mind, therefore the service is not recommended for people with epilepsy or with a tendency to epilepsy. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for any discomfort or other mental states that may arise from watching the sound and visual effects.

5 Conditions for the use of the service

5.1 The Service may be used by any person over the age of 14 (and by persons over the age of 8 with an accompanying adult), provided that the Customer and any accompanying person accept the conditions contained in these GTC.

5.2 The condition for the use of the service is the payment of the equivalent value of the service – the current pricing can be found at as determined by the service provider.

5.3 Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, mind-impairing medication or other narcotics as well as persons suffering from epilepsy or who could potentially be impaired by image and sound effects may not use the service

6. Rules of data management The service provider may only store the customer’s personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. Under no circumstances may the Service Provider disclose the personal data to third parties.

In addition, all regulations relevant to data management can be found in the Service Provider’s data protection provisions; these can be viewed on the website and in printed form at the Service Provider’s business premises (Johannesgasse 21, 1010 Vienna).

7 Compensation for damage incurred during the service

Customers who make use of the service are obliged to use the aids entrusted to them under the contracts (in particular the VR glasses and accessories) as intended and in accordance with the instructions of the service provider. The service provider is entitled to assert claims against the customer for damage caused by improper use, willful damage or theft.

7.1 If, during the validity of the contract, the Customer causes damage to the equipment through improper use or fails to return it to the Service Provider at the end of the tour, the Customer shall be liable for financial compensation of 500 euros (in words: five hundred euros). In the event of non-payment of the compensation or in the event of damage exceeding this amount, the Service Provider may initiate civil or criminal proceedings with the competent authorities.

7.2 If the Customer intentionally damages the aids or fails to return them to the Service Provider, the Service Provider shall be entitled to bring civil or criminal proceedings for the material damage caused.

7.3 The Service Provider cannot accept any responsibility for financial or non-financial damage, e.g. any kind of physical injury or other impairment of physical integrity, discomfort during the tour or death. The necessary precautions have been taken to avoid any harm to the customer.

8 Procedure of the guided tour

8.1 The guided tour organized by the Service Provider generally begins at the Service Provider’s business premises, which are located at Johannesgasse 21, 1010 Vienna.

8.2 The following route will be visited: Johannesgasse – Kärntnerstraße – Graben – Hofburg – Burggarten – Neuer Markt – Stephansplatz

8.3 The Service Provider has the right to change the route of the tour due to unforeseen events such as road closures, construction work or events. In the event of such an occurrence, the service provider will inform the customer of the change to the route in advance if possible.

9 Start and duration of the service

9.1 The Service Provider’s service has a standard duration specified in advance.

9.2 The duration of the tour shall be at least 1 hour and 45 minutes, but no longer than 2 hours. The tour begins when the virtual reality glasses are handed over and ends when they are returned.

9.3 The guided tours organized by the Service Provider start at the specified times; Customers who wish to use the services can find out about them on the Company’s website, in the office and through the published information materials.

9.4 The Service Provider reserves the right to change the schedule of the tours. Information about the current tour schedule can be found on the Service Provider’s website (

9.5 It is possible to book private tours in addition to the specified dates if there are at least 15 participants or the same number of tickets purchased. The booking of a private tour must be agreed in advance with the staff or VR Tours GmbH in writing by e-mail.

10 Validity of the tickets

The gift vouchers purchased on the VR Tours GmbH website can be redeemed directly via the website for 1 year from the date of purchase.

11 Booking process, cancellation, changes

11.1 Participation in the tour is always subject to prior appointment. Depending on the type of ticket purchased, it is possible to book an appointment in the following ways: 1. at 2. at; 3. by calling + 43 660 84 666 78 Tickets booked by telephone or e-mail must be paid by invoice before the start of the tour.

11.2 Tours are conducted with a minimum number of two registered participants. If this minimum requirement is not met, the tour can be canceled by the service provider. Participants will of course be informed of this and any payments already made will be refunded

11.3 The tour can be postponed or canceled up to 5 (five) days before the scheduled start of the tour. Customers will then be refunded the amount paid. In the case of a private tour, the booking can be canceled free of charge up to five days in advance; in the event of cancellation up to 48 hours before the start of the tour, 50% of the agreed costs will be due. VR Tours Vienna must be informed of any cancelation or postponement during business hours using the contact methods listed below: 1. at; 2. under the telephone number + 43 660 84 666 78

11.4 For public tours, the tour guide undertakes to wait for late customers up to five minutes after the agreed start of the tour before starting the tour with customers who are already present.

For private tours, the waiting time in the event of a delay is 30 minutes.

After this time, the entitlement to the booked tour lapses and the agreed amount must be paid in full.

In the event of delays at short notice, VR Tours Vienna can be contacted by telephone from 30 minutes before the start of the tour on +43 660 84 666 78 in order to find a solution together.

11.5 In the event of bad weather, such as rain or snowfall, the tour will take place and does not entitle the service provider or the customer to cancel the tour.

11.6 The Service Provider reserves the right to cancel or change the program in the following cases:

If the route of the tour becomes impassable for any reason and it is not possible to find an alternative route.

In this case, a refund of the ticket or a rebooking is of course possible.

VR Tours Vienna recommends providing the telephone number when booking. This way, customers can be contacted as quickly as possible in the event of cancellation.

12 Modification of the General Terms and Conditions The Service Provider reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions, but undertakes to publish the amended contractual conditions on suitable platforms without delay.

13 Ticket purchase and sale

13 After purchasing the ticket, the customer is entitled to make use of the services on presentation of the receipt/voucher. The service provider is not obliged to accept counterfeit, unidentifiable tickets/receipts/vouchers and is entitled to refuse to provide the service in this case.

14 Validity of the GTC

14.1 The validity of these GTC begins on January 1, 2024 and lasts until they are terminated or amended.

14.2 As far as the personal effect of these General Terms and Conditions is concerned, it applies to every natural person who uses the services of VR Tours GmbH, i.e. approves them with their signature and/or by purchasing the ticket and recognizes them as binding.

15 Place of jurisdiction This contractual relationship is subject to Austrian law. The competent court in Vienna is agreed as the place of jurisdiction, unless mandatory statutory provisions stipulate a different place of jurisdiction.

Vienna, January 01, 2024

VR Tours GmbH